Angel Guardians, The Lost Era of The World: Age One

There was a time when the angels became very weak and needed to be guarded to carry out their celestial duties. The Angel Guardians were formed to guard the angels on duty. This period is called the After Luminos Era where the world finally recovered from the great chaos after God was angry and withdrew all of His troops and helpers to test all creatures to manage the world themselves without God’s intervention.

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WriterD.N Redha
GenreFantasy; Romance
CategoryNovel; eBook

So, the main team called Prime Angel Guardians also has a special mission to investigate the cause of the Luminos Case. However, their movements will also be restricted by various rules of the celestial system and they will be accused of violating the main celestial rules and will have to undergo severe punishment.

The punishment for Prime Angel Guardians members is only one stage, while their leader must receive a severe punishment in two stages, wherein in the second stage he must continue to carry out his duties even during the sentence. and again there is a special mission that must be completed to fulfill stage 2 punishment. How will they release the Celestial punishment and clear the Prime Angel Guardians‘ name? Solve that mission in this novel.